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Catalyze Policies


In an effort to make compliance as easy as possible for companies working with protected health information (PHI), we have open sourced our company policies…

Catalyze iOS SDK


The Catalyze iOS SDK was built to help developers working with Apple mobile products build HIPAA compliant applications using the Catalyze Backend as a Service…

Catalyze HIPAA Docs


These HIPAA procedures and mappings are intended to guide other healthcare companies managing PHI in creating their own HIPAA documentation…

Catalyze PaaS CLI


Our CLI tool is intended to help Catalyze users manage their deployed environments via their terminal. We've open sourced this effort to allow community contributions…

Catalyze Onboarding Docs


These onboarding docs are intended to help new Catalyze users build and deploy their first Catalyze HIPAA Compliant environment on our platform…

Catalyze HIPAA Gram


HIPAA Gram is a Catalyze built iOS application that utilizes the Catalyze Backend as a Service. It's intended to be a HIPAA compliant WhatsApp clone…

Catalyze BaaS Guides


Our BaaS Guides are intended to help new Catalyze Backend as a Service users start building their compliant applications. Most of these guides are coding tutorials…

Catalyze JavaScript SDK


Our JavaScript SDK was built to allow Catalyze BaaS users the ability to build compliant applications using popular frameworks like Angular and Node…

Catalyze PaaS FAQ


This FAQ is intended to answer commonly asked questions about our compliant Platform as a Service. We encourage the community to file their questions as issues…

Catalyze Training


Our HIPAA training guide is a great resource for any company handling protected health information. This guide is geared toward modern day technology and procedures…

cAdvisor metrics


Collects Docker container metrics via Google's cAdvisor and stores them in Redis for operational monitoring and ad-hoc analysis…

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